PR Barometer®

PR Barometer®

PR Barometer® is northern Europe’s largest communications survey that measures journalists’ perceptions of organisations’ and businesses’ press-related activities and their general media profile. The survey is based on telephone interviews and is conducted in more than ten countries.

The results of PR Barometer® are delivered through a user-friendly online reporting dashboard and enable users to demonstrate the value of the organisation’s press-related activities internally and monitor their progress in several key areas of communication.
The survey can also be used for benchmarking against selected organisations and companies.

The results of PR Barometer® can be used for operational and short-term activities as well as for strategic, long-term work.


The results are obtained by focusing on the following four key measurement themes:

  • Active press relations
  • General press relations
  • Image
  • Management


PR Barometer® licence partners

PR Barometer® is carried out by Aalund, from their own interview center in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In 2011 Aalund started to offer the PR Barometer model, via strategic licencing partnerships, to countries outside of Scandinavia.

This means that, Aalund has today five licencing partners, that each have the exclusive rights to run the PR Barometer® within their countries using Aalund’s model. Common to each licencing partner is that they are all market leading research companies with the same founding values as Aalund. The vision is that PR Barometer shall, over time, become a global survey.

Aalund has the following licencing partners:

  • PBS – Gdansk, Poland
  • Market Probe Europe, Kontich, Belgium
  • Taloustutkimus, Helsinki, Finland
  • Cido Research, Toronto, Canada / North Amerika
  • Future Thinking, Paris, France