Competitive Power Tool

Competitive Power Tool

The Competitive Power Tool

1. Are you first choice in your industry?

Competitive Power output:

A. Your present competitiveness?
B. Best competitor positions?

Input to the building process – for a stronger competitiveness

2. Parameters to increase your competitive power?

Competitive Power output:

A. Industry winning parameters?
B. Are these positions free?

Input to the change strategy – where and what to do!

3. How to elevate your competitive position?

Competitive Power output:

A. Are you the preferred supplier among non-customers? – Why?
B. Are your company well known?
C. Are your company rejected? – Why?

Input to a competitive power strategy?

The outcome of Aalunds Competitive Power Tool

  1. We are mapping you and your competitors position among non-customers?

  2. We find the parameters that are decisive choosing a new supplier?

  3. The differences between suppliers?

  4. Who are the winners on most important parameters?

  5. Non customers explain their choice of preferred supplier.

  6. Your options and our recommendations.

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Competitive Power Tool