Case Foss


Product development

The case in short

Product development - Onfarm worldwide

Foss develops and produces a range of unique instruments for measuring the quality of food, milk, grain, wine etc.
The instruments are considered as high quality and sold in niche markets worldwide.
E.g. instruments for control of milk quality using milk samples. In the early days these tests were to be done in laboratories. Later on measurements also took place in the dairies as the milk production was running.
A new idea was to make the quality tests on the farms as the milk herds grew bigger and bigger. And also to use the results for managing the cows and the milk production.
The concepts were designed and tested via a number of studies at large farmers in the USA, Germany and France.

Product development - Cervitec worldwide

FOSS has for a number of years been dominating in quality measurements of grain; although primarily in humidity measurements. This new concept idea was to let a device take over the visual inspection of the individual grain. The commercial possibilities and demand for a device’s measurement had to be researched and reported. This happened with the starting point being the two biggest markets, Australia and the USA.