Make Customers Stay – New ideas for safe customer satisfaction! (mini series: 3/4)

Make Customers Stay – New ideas for safe customer satisfaction! (mini series: 3/4)

The figure shows a business with 50 employees who gave a satisfaction-score of 7,8 to the company’s bank. The customer experienced three unidentified and unrepaired little bumps when cooperating with his or her bank. That caused an unexpected customer-loss for the bank.

For 20 years customer satisfaction has had top-priority. Everyone is doing something. That can be measured in touch points; in NPS, in models – or you reorganize to creating relationships; customer-centric or introduce CRM (customer relation management) or CFMP (customer feedback management platform).

But if you need to go into depth with the understanding of your customer’s stay-on (lifespan), you must work with BUMP-models (bumps as in holes in the road). Two or three ”bumps” in the cooperation and your customer is on its way out – regardless of a ”pretty” customer satisfaction survey.

I have in the last 20 years made a lot of exit-studies with my colleagues. We have made two relevant ”findings” that can increase your customer’s stay-on:


  1. You must have knowledge of the individual customer’s satisfaction level. If it is under 9-10 on a 10-point scale, then two or three little ”bumps” will very likely cause an exit (customer loss).

  1. ”Bumps” must be discovered and repaired just like holes in the road. The must not be accumulated.


There are solutions, so that BUMP-exits can be stopped. – Understand the seven most likely bumps in your business and contact me for a talk about solution, so that new customer losses can be prevented effectively.


Best regards,
John Aalund