Case Axcel


Market Due Diligence worldwide

The case in short

The company Axcel was not the first Danish equity fund but one of the early followers. And
perhaps the one with the most success.
At the beginning Axcel went for mid sized companies with a turnover at 100-500 mio. DKK.
Axcel introduced market due diligence in handling these investments. In the open window Aalund carried of worldwide studies among customers and competitors to make it easier to evaluate how healthy the relations between the company and the customers were.

During a number of years Aalund carried out market due diligence projects for Axcel:
Tvilum Møbler, Scanbirk Møbler, Westergaard Møbler, BB Electronics, Dansk Heatset Rotation, Glud & Marstrand, Variant Containers, Vital Petfood, Junkers, SP2 etc.