Katrine Jensby

Katrine Jensby

Areas of expertise: Project planning, project management, database management
Thesis: Process and project management

Professional profile

Katrine Jensby is an MSc in Media Studies from 2023 with profile subjects in journalistic dissemination.

Katrine has specialized in analysis and project management during the study and in the study and in her subsequent working life.

Katrine has 4.5 years of experience as an interviewer at Aalund.

In parallel, Katrine has worked as an assistant as an assistant and organizes in the media industry.

Katrine was employed in Aalund due to her skills in project management, coordination and data collection in Aalund in the fall of 2023. She handles, among other things, planning, management, implementation, and control of projects.

Telephone: +45 87 31 09 31